Spin360 give companies the edge with 360 virtual tours

When people think of virtual tours, residential real estate typically comes to mind. Panoramic tours use a sequence of carefully assembled high-quality images stitched together, offering larger, clearer views, which makes the technology a valuable tool for real estate agents, who can offer potential buyers an in-depth look at property, regardless of their geographic location.

Spin360 is a business that offers high-end 360-degree photos. The company allows users to take virtual tours of large investments.

The tool enables potential buyers to virtually move from room to room, up flights of stairs and through corridors.

Virtual tours are “a way you can take somebody through a large investment without them going anywhere. They really get a feel for the headroom, the space and the volume, and it saves the end user valuable time and money by making sure it’s the right investment … that’s something you don’t get from flat, one-dimensional pictures.”

But Spin360 is expanding that concept beyond real estate to showcase a wide range of facilities, including office and retail layouts, health care facilities, corporate headquarters, sports arenas, colleges and universities. The technology is also being used to showcase cultural exhibits and events such as museums, civic gardens and automotive expos.

Spin360’s clients include Eichardt’s Hotel, Stoneridge Estate, Versatile Homes, Motueka Top 10 Holiday Park, Waipuna Hotel, St. John Ambulance, Issac Theatre Royal and many more.

Spin360 offers extremely high-resolution digital photography, shot with the very best technology available to create 3D immersive panoramas.

“The most remarkable thing about the product is that it absolutely delivers every time.”

The near 3-D experience is an ideal and exciting way to showcase volume and space. They can be viewed on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Total production time is typically less than 48 hours after the photo shoot is completed, and the product comes with a price tag in the hundreds – not in the thousands – that makes it accessible even to many smaller businesses.

Spin360 virtual tours are within reach for just about every type of business. Spin360 clients will not only attract more traffic to their websites but engage visitors to spend time on their websites.

“Our analytics show that virtual tours increases the time people spend on sites as much as 800%, so people who were spending a minute on your site before are now spending 10 minutes on your site. 3D is simply more engaging.”