Photos vs. Virtual Tours

Don’t settle for a picture. Hi quality photos are great but even the best high quality photo can be a little deceiving, because the angle could be perfect in hiding a not so desirable aspect. What a virtual tour does allow the user to explore the destination in 360 degrees. It’s in high definition but the advantage is you can check out all the nooks and crannies, and it’s a better way to know what you’re getting.

Google has made everyone an expert. Shoppers have changed. They are heavily researching their accommodation options making the market more and more competitive. The savvy traveller has come to expect virtual tours on a website to show them what to expect and it really does make a difference to your business.

People will book with complete confidence knowing that when they get there they get what they expected and what they paid their money for. Would you risk disappointment on booking a room for your special holiday? A virtual tour completes the research. Look no further.

Put yourself in your customers state of mind because that is where your income is coming from. Improve your conversion rate by having a virtual tour on your website and impress the pants off them. Then give them a bed to sleep in. It’s a perfect fit wouldn’t you say?

High quality photos are still a must in the accommodation market, but combined with a high quality virtual tour you greatly improve your chances of a confirmed booking. And that’s money in the bank.