Google Unveils Virtual Tour of Worlds Most Famous Art Galleries

Google unveiled a new website that allows virtual tours of some of the world’s most famous art galleries, featuring paintings photographed with extreme high-resolution “gigapixel” technology.

For the Art Project, video cameras mounted on trolleys recorded 360-degree tours of galleries in eleven cities around the world. They utilised their same ‘street view’ technology and took it indoors

  • The Palace of Versailles (Versailles)
  • The Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)
  • Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art (Washington, DC)
  • Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
  • The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Frick Collection (New York City)
  • National Gallery, and Tate Britain (London)
  • Museo Reina Sofia, and Museo Thyssen – Bornemisza (Madrid)
  • Museum Kampa (Prague)
  • The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)
  • The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
  • Alte Nationalgalerie, and Gemäldegalerie (Berlin)
  • View all the galleries here

    For your Project, Spin360 mount a digital SLR camera with a fisheye lens on a tripod and capture 360-degree tours of your space- yes, it’s faster, affordable, and it makes YOU look great.

    Your virtual tour can be blogged about, added to YouTube, promoted in print, liked in Facebook links, tweeted on twitter and linked to and shared from anywhere including your email signature.

    There’s a huge opportunity on Trademe as well. Listed today are 4662 paintings (from $20,000 to $1), 817 sculptures, 263 drawings, 2301 prints, and more. Have you looked at this as a vehicle for selling (or promoting) certain works?