Google has expanded its virtual tours to more than 150 of the world’s major museums

Spin360 have been creating virtual tours for New Zealand clients since 2002. The quality of the photography is and continues to be world class. Immersive 360 degree photography is format that works and people all around the world have been exposed to this way of seeing places they will never go to. The virtual tourist is born.

Beyond this passive visitor seeing the world from the comfort of their own home lies the the actual tourist looking for the most enticing place to stay and visit. This could be your business, hotel, B&B, restaurant or tourist attraction.

The tremendous value that virtual tour platform delivers is amplified by the world’s largest search engine company, Google. They really put their own money into the world wide virtual tour capture service known as Google Street View. Google has expanded its virtual tours to more than 150 of the world’s major museums, adding high-resolution close-ups of masterworks by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Botticelli – but not the Mona Lisa.

The latest additions that went online this month include the Musee d’Orsay in Paris and Jerusalem’s Israel Museum. The Louvre in the French capital, home of the Da Vinci masterpiece, isn’t taking part in the website, dubbed Art Project.

Internet browsers can tour galleries from 40 countries as they would neighborhoods on Google Street View.

This is the growing internet audience who is doing their research. They are shopping around for the best place for their families to stay when they go on vacation. Time is valuable and with the amazing technology and choice of internet browsing devices on the market today, ‘anytime – anywhere’ really is the norm.

Virtual tours are interactive. Users take their time to explore interesting detail of their choosing, something you just can do watching a video. The savvy marketer today knows that having an arsenal of tools like photos, social media, video and virtual tours at his disposal gives them the best chance to entice and persuade the customer into making a buying decision. Virtual tours enhance your portfolio of imagery and engaging media, and can be the tipping point of conversion in this very competitive world of online commerce. If Google is doing it, doesn’t that say something? Would they invest in a faltering technology? They are the rulers of understanding online content and what consumers desire.

Isn’t it time you put your business in the game of online success by attracting new business that is just waiting for you to show them who you are and what you have to offer?